PhenoTips Playground

PhenoTips Playground

The PhenoTips playground demonstrates the main features of the PhenoTips software as they are implemented in the latest stable snapshot. While the playground allows public access to the data (both read and write) for the visitor's convenience, real-world PhenoTips instances are always configured to be entirely password protected.

Do not enter any private patient information in this demo database, as the data you enter may become available to all visitors of the playground. Do not rely on this demo database for any data storage, as all data is deleted periodically.

For a quick tour of the PhenoTips functionalities, check out our Getting Started user guide. Please note that some features, such as data sharing and collaboration, only work for authenticated users. If you have any questions or comments, the PhenoTips development team can assist you via email at

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Reproducing or distributing this clinical information without permission from the institution that owns it is strictly forbidden.
PhenoTips version 1.3-milestone-2